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Mochi Donuts

Did you know that Fat Straws was the FIRST to bring mochi donuts to Texas in 2018? We have been perfecting the art of mochi donuts! Mochi dough is not easy to work with but we got it down to a science.

Mochi donuts or Pon de Rings…we call them Chewy Puffs: Mochi Donuts by Fat Straws! They are Japanese style donuts made with mochi flour. They are nothing like your traditional American donuts made with yeast. You will love the crispy outside and chewy inside. They are perfect for tearing and sharing!

(all mochi donuts contain gluten, dairy, eggs, & some may contain nuts & soy)

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How should I store them for the next day?

Although they are best when consumed on the same day, we understand sometime you can’t have 6 donuts at once.
First thing, please don’t refrigerate them. Best is to keep them at room temperature with the lid tented (not fully closed and not fully open). Too much air will dry them out and not enough air will make them too soggy. Also, you can microwave them for 5 seconds before consuming them.

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